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DataLink www.datalinkuk.com DataLink
DataLink UK Ltd develops integration software for accounting and business management systems such as Sage, Mamut, MYOB and QuickBooks with osCommerce and other commonly used shopping carts. Automating core business processes helps to save time on the detailed work and minimise the risks of error making, which most online businesses strive to achieve. DataLink software products are not only created to contribute to your business growth and development, but provide easy integration with a lot of eCommerce and Accounting software packages.
eBay connector www.ebayconnector.co.uk eBay connector
Development team of Holbi has identified a way to improve web retail businesses through integrating their eCommerce sites with their eBay Marketplace accounts. Full support for osCommerce, Magento, CRE Loaded, TrueLoaded, ZenCart, X-Cart and CubeCart platforms guaranteed.
Holbi www.holbi.co.uk Holbi
A leading UK provider of eCommerce design, development and consultancy services for web retail businesses of all types and sizes. Holbi’s core direction is bespoke eCommerce solutions. Open source eCommerce platforms (Magento, osCommerce, ZenCart, CRE Loaded etc.) is another great part of Holbi’s day to day work. Custom solutions and a great variety of readymade modules, integrations and supporting services are all available at Holbi.
HolbiLink.com www.holbilink.com HolbiLink.com
Integrating Amazon Marketplace account with eCommerce websites is yet another approach to enhance online retail businesses that we came to at Holbi. Proven track record of our clients shows, that our integration modules with full support for such popular platforms as Magento, osCommerce, CRE Loaded, TrueLoaded, ZenCart, Cube-Cart and X-Cart are extremely effective. Improve your online business too, contact us!
Kayako www.kayako-solutions.com Kayako
For any business Customer Support services are essential. Kayako based CRM for small and medium online businesses is a feature-rich dashboard that covers all the interactivity of your clients, and that is easily managed through filtering, sorting, assigning, prioritising etc.. At Holbi we provide advanced support and configuration services for Kayako customers. We make it possible to integrate Kayako-based Customer Support solutions with existing websites, as well as build new websites from scratch.
Magento Designer www.magentodesigner.co.uk Magento Designer
Magento, as an open-source eCommerce application with a variety of features, enables Magento Design for eCommerce webstores. That implies a vast number of themes, skins and templates available with both ready-made and customisable functionality for different devices (PC’s, mobiles etc.). Because Magento is such a compliant solution, it integrates with a great number of supplementing modules, that optimise Magento application. You can find many of them at Holbi, including the integration software for Amazon and eBay top players.
Holbi Hosting www.holbihost.co.uk Holbi Hosting
Holbi Hosting came out naturally as an independent corporate unit to provide hosting solutions designed specifically for eCommerce, as Holbi's expertise in eCommerce accumulated over the years. Offering both shared and dedicated eCommerce hosting solutions, Holbi Hosting focuses mainly on managed hosting packages to ensure superior reliability and security.
SEO.CO.UK www.seo.co.uk SEO.CO.UK
We are an SEO provider based in Central London, rendering expert SEO services to all types and sizes of businesses. Taking websites to the top of search rankings and keeping them up is always our major goal. Our team brings together only the best UK talents in the field of development, link building, SEO content creation and analysis. A complete set of extensive services from a simple on-page SEO to link building and Pay-Per-Click management is available with us as we realise the importance of covering the whole picture when it comes about a solid and long-lasting online presence.
TrueLoaded www.trueloaded.co.uk TrueLoaded
A version of osCommerce, TrueLoaded is a multiple frontend with an improved shopping cart solution for online businesses. TrueLoaded optimises osCommerce through a great number of built-in features and multiple fixes. We recommend TrueLoaded to all of our customers as a major improvement to osCommerce.